My name is Kaylie Seaver and I'm a multidisciplinary artist living and working on unceded Territory of the Anishinabe Algonquin Nation, also known as Ottawa. I was born on January 4th 1989 and grew up outside of Moose Creek, Ontario.

I'm a tattooer (finished my apprenticeship in 2015), painter, and musician, though I feel the most appropriate title is 'maker'. I enjoy making things by hand, whether it's a painting, drawing, sculpture etc. My life is very saturated in the DIY ethos, and I prefer to recycle, salvage, or reclaim my materials wherever possible.

Most of the themes in my work centre around folklore, medieval demonology, and the occult. 

I tattoo out of Cosmic Debris Studio in Centretown and I work by appointment only. I have experience with showing in galleries, live painting, murals, commercial design, and commission work for bands and personal use.

I play guitar, autoharp, and sing in a band called Grandmother (www.grandmother613.bandcamp.com), and I have a solo music project called Cosette ([email protected]).